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Address: No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.   P.O.BOX 100015-85, Beijing 100015, China

Gallery Introduction:798 Photo Gallery – The first art gallery dedicated to photography in China was established in April 2003. It is located in Da Shan Zi Art District at #4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Its unique design is based on the original structure of the Bauhaus styled factory aided by East Germany. The gallery aims to discover and collect fine photography works, and provides a platform for cultural and commercial exchange in order to help photographers. 


Exhibitions:The gallery holds various exhibitions non-periodicallyfeaturing both classical and contemporary photography art works. The  printing and framing qualities of these photographs were made to strict international archival standard. They have been approved and collected by many international collectors. So far, the gallery has held the following exhibitions successfully:

<<Xiao Fang Jia Hutong >> –  Photographs by Xu Yong

<<121 >>  –  Photographs by Xu Yong, Ma Han and Bai Yi Luo.

<<Animal Thinking>>  –  Photographs by Xue Ting.

<<Going For Mid-Class>>  –  Photographs by Wang Neng Tao.

<<Industry . Texture>>  –  Photographs by Zhou Hai.

<<Miners>> –  Photographs by Song Chao.

<<Mexico>> – Photographs by Mexican photographer Joel Terres Romero.

<<Still the Time>>  –  Photographs by Wang Shi Long.

<<Loess Plateau . Itinerant Blind Storytellers>>  –  Photographs by Lynn Yen Burgermeister.

<<Mao on the wall >>  –  Photographs by Wang Tong.

<<Between Two Places>> –  Photographs by Swiss photographer Susanna Scherer.

<<Monks in Shaolin>>  –  Photographs by Hei Ming.

<<Liu Zheng . Revolution >> –  Photographs by Liu Zheng.

<<Edge of The Sky* Tibet>>  –  Photographs by Feng Jian Guo.

<<I Want School>>  Photographs by Xie Hai Long.

<<The Years of the Culture Revolution >>  Photographs by Xiao Zhuang

<<Catholic In The Country Side>>  Photographs by Yang Yan Kang

<<Han Lei Killing legend>>  Photographs by Han Lei

<<Wandering In The Hutong>>  Photographs by Wu Yang ¡¢Charley Cloris

<<The last generation of lily-footed women in China >>  Photographs by Li Nan

<<The Last Xi Hai Gu>>  Photographs by Wang Zheng

<<The kingdom of bicycles>> Photographs by Wang Wenlan

<< A Heavy Farewell>> Photographs by Su Zhigang

<<100 Years of the Palace Museum>> Photographs by Hou Yuanchao

<<Alan Ross photography Exhibition >> Photographs by Alan Ross

<<Time>>  Photographs by Wu Jialin

<<Church>> Photographs by Wang Duanyang

<<Archives On Orphans>> Photographs by Jiang Jian

<<Images Of The Cultural Revolution >> Photographs by Weng Naiqiang

<<Workers>> Photographs by Lin Yonghui

<<Bei Jing’s Yesterday>> Photographs by Zhu Xianmin

<<Michael.Wolf photography Exhibition >>Photographs byMichael.wolf

<<Chinese On The Train>> Photographs by Wang Fuchun

<<My Bride And I>> Photographs by£ºQiu Zhen

<<The Zoo At Night>> Photographs by£ºYan Changjiang

<<The Photography of Shi Guangzhi>>Photographs by£ºGuangzhi

<< The Photography of Wang Ningde¡¢David ¡¢Xing Danwen>> Photographs by£ºWang Ningde¡¢David ¡¢Xing Danwen

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