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Pleasure ground

Artist Statement

Photography is not only the expression of heart, but also explore of the world.

I tried roller coaster in Hong Kong Ocean Park a decade ago, the breathtaking feeling arises me to explore human’s psychology of chasing excitement.  I spent two years visiting a dozen playgrounds in China and Germany, attempting to analyze and study the desire that people pursuing thrilling and excitements even danger.

Photography is an art of moment, it catches the fundamental feelings moment people showing in playgrounds.  I adopted multi-exposure technique to expose people’s Psychological change in a period by one moment. Multi-exposure creates magic effect, as if to fold multidimensional universe into two-dimensional world.  However the two-dimensional information that recovered from multidimensional space, after adding the viewer’s time, space, memory and feeling, is more plentiful than original human’s tracks in multidimensional world, thus irritate me to repeating discovery of the wide and endless topic of life.

--Huang Qingjun

Huang Qingjun’s Playground works are using metaphors to show the game feeling and falsity of the world, time is repeating in the cycle of game which bring despair of people, multi-exposure’s result is to break the linear of time, make time forking becomes possible, therefore the works are about possibility of time.

--Tian Jun / Collector

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