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  Robert.van der.Hilst

Robert van der Hilst, born in Amsterdam/the Netherlands 
1957/1959 School of Photography in the Hague
1961/1963 Travel and work throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
1963/1965 I work as a photographer in Paris.
1966/1979 I move to Toronto/Canada to live and work there as a photographer. 
1970/1971 I travel by car from Toronto to Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, a long journey of 18 months, photographing the Latin American continent.  Upon my return in Toronto in May 1971, my house burns and I lose everything, my Latin American photography included, and I will have to start from scratch! Throughout the seventies I spend 5 long winters in Mexico and Guatemala, photographing both countries. 1979 I decide to move back to Paris. I exhibit my Mexican and Guatemalan photography in a Paris Gallery and I start getting photo assignments from French and other European magazines like VOGUE, STERN, GEO France, GEO Germany, MARIE CLAIRE, ELLE, PARIS MATCH, SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE and others. 
1981  Exhibition in Paris "SAN FRANCISCO-HOMOPOLIS". I keep on working on long photo assignments for abovementioned magazines. 
1986  Exhibition at the Amsterdam Canon Gallery of my latest World photography.That year I also receive a grant from the Ministry of Culture of the Netherlands, which is going to allow me to work for a whole year in Cuba.
1987/1988 I leave for Cuba, with my wife, to live and photograph there for one year.
1988 Back in Paris, my Cuban photography is published in European, Japanese and American magazines. In Nov/Dec 1988, within the framework of the Paris Month of Photography I exhibit 64 large colourprints of my Cuban photography at La Maison de l'Am¨¦rique Latine in Paris. The exhibition later goes to the Bunkamura Museum in Tokyo, to the Canon Gallery in Amsterdam and the Chateau d'Eau Photo Gallery in Toulouse.
Jan. 1990  I get a new assignment from the German magazine MERIAN to photograph in Cuba. Upon arrival at Havana Airport I am arrested and spend 2 days in jail and I am expelled from the country and considered persona non grata...! 
1991 VOGUE/Paris sends me to Shanghai for a photo assignment. First time in China
1991/1994 I return to Shanghai 6 times for various magazines and for longer periods.  The resulting images are exhibited in Perpignan's Visa pour l¡¯Image.  The exhibition goes to Shanghai, to Beijing and to Hangzhou in China with the help of the French Embassy in Beijing and in Nov/Dec 1994 and within the framework of the Paris Month of Photography I exhibit SHANGHAI- PHOTOCOPIES at l'Institut N¨¦erlandais in Paris.
March 1998 Exhibition of my Asian photography at La Maison de la Chine in Paris.  Part of the exhibition is bought by the Foundation for Photography of Amsterdam/Huis Marseille
Nov/Dec 1998 I am allowed back again in Cuba and photograph for STERN and for Figaro Magazine.  And in July, August 2000 I exhibit (with the German filmdirector Wim Wenders) a mix of my old and new Cuban photography at the Foundation for Photography in Amsterdam
April 2000 I photograph for 3 weeks in Fukuoka/Japan on the request of the Japanese organization "Japan seen through European eyes" and as I had been thinking for a number of years now to start photographing digitally, Nikon in Tokyo is so kind to lend me the Nikon D1for my Fukuoka assignment. I am the happiest of photographers when returning to my hotel room I can check my daily photography on my laptop computer. This work is exhibited at FNAC St Lazare in
September 2000 and travels through Europe.
May, Aug 2001 I photograph these 2 months in the small town of Baracoa, concentrating on interiors. This work is financed by l'Institut N¨¦erlandais for an exhibition and a book in Nov/Dec 2002.
Sept. 2001 Publisher Vents de Sable publishes my book "Les Cubains" with text by well-known Cuban writer Zo¨¦ Vald¨¦s. And again I am considered an enemy of the Cuban regime and not allowed in Cuba anymore.
April, Aug 2002 I spend these 2 months photographing Cuban interiors in Miami for my upcoming exhibition and publication of "Cuban Interiors" which takes place at l¡¯Institut N¨¦erlandais in Nov./Dec. 2002. In 2003 the exhibition travels to Biarritz, to Fondacion Carlos de Amberes in Madrid, to Centro Cultural Espanol in Miami, in 2004 to the World Museum in Rotterdam and the Pingyao International Photography Festival/China. It will then travel to Barcelona, to Zagreb, to Tokyo and more. I am currently working on a new photography project, called "Chinese Interiors". In June/July 2004 I exhibit another version of my Cuban photography at Galeria Sen/Madrid. Since June 2004 I have been working on a new photo project "Chinese interiors" and will work on this project for another year
April 2005 Exhibition of "Cuban interiors "at the Mus¨¦e du Chateau de Montb¨¦liard/France
Sept. 2005 I exhibit "America, America...." at the Pingyao International Photography Festival
Sept. 2006 Solo exhibition at the HUP Photography Gallery/Amsterdam of "Chinese interiors, Work in Progress"
May 2007 Solo exhibition at the 798 Photography Gallery/Beijing of "Chinese interiors, Work in Progress"                    
In March 2008 I will exhibit my final work of "Chinese interiors" at the Shanghai Art Museum. 


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