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  Qing Peng

Qing Peng

1987      Born in Luohe, Henan Province, China

2014      Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Currently lives and works in Beijing, China



2015     2015 The AIPAD Photography Show, New York,USA  

              1st  Powerball Art Festival, Hang Zhou, China

              The 2nd Poly Stellardemia Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

2014     The disguise, 798 photo gallery, Beijing, China

              The Starting Point, Group Exhibition, Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing, China

              The Start of a Long Journey,Group Exhibition, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China                            

              National Youth Art Exhibition—Feeling 2014 Finding the New Blood of Art, Group Exhibition, Tianjin, China

2013     Exhibition for Nominated Students from Art Academy, Group Exhibition,      Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

QP-01 The Faces of Our Time-01

QP-02 The Faces of Our Time-02

QP-03 The Faces of Our Time-03

QP-04 The Faces of Our Time-04

QP-05 The Faces of Our Time-05

QP-06 The Faces of Our Time-06

QP-07 The Faces of Our Time-07

QP-08 The Faces of Our Time-08

QP-09 The Faces of Our Time-09

QP-10 The Faces of Our Time-10

QP-11 The Faces of Our Time-11

QP-12 The Faces of Our Time-12

QP-13 The Faces of Our Time-13

QP-14 Gravity

QP-15 Commemoration Day

QP-16 The Legacy of Spirit

QP-17 The Legacy of Spirit II

QP-18 Monet's Garden

QP-19 Warmly Welcome

QP-20 The Oil Crisis

QP-21 Skull

QP-22 The Sky Plan

QP-23 Storm

QP-24 Action-Unknown

QP-25 The Secret

QP-26 In the Name of Love

QP-27 Triumph des Willens

QP-28 Unsinkable

QP-29 New Good Time

QP-30 The Fragme Beijing II- Grand Place

QP-31 The Fragme Beijing II- Gulou Street-01

QP-32 The Fragme Beijing II- Tian'an Men

QP-33 The Fragme Beijing II- Gulou Street-02

World View-Eiffel Tower

World View-Brandenburg Gate

World View-Big Ben

World View-Fujisan

World View-St Basil's Cathedral

World View-Statue Of Liberty

World View-Grand Square II

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