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  Ni Weihua


Ni Weihua

Born in 1962, Now He Lives and Works in Shanghai.

Solo Exhibition

1989  Neo-expressionism----’89 Ni Weihua exhibition of paintings  Shanghai,China

2008 Solo-exhibition----Key Words “Development” and “Harmony” Beijing,China

2012  Landscape Wall: The Chinese Reality Through Different Angle of View – Ni Weihua's  

Solo Photography Exhibition  Shanghai,China

2013 Landscape Wall——Ni Weihua’s solo exhibition  Beijing,China


The Main Group Exhibition
1992  Seminar and showing of the art works of Wang Nanming and Ni Weihua

and other contemporary Shanghai artists  Beijing,China

1993  The 2nd China contemporary art documents exhibition  Guangzhou,China
1996  “Installation: the Dimension of Language”  Shanghai,China

1999  “In/from China:art+architecture”  Berlin,Germany

1999  “The Intervention in Media”  Hongkong,China

2000  Individual & Sociaety in Art----A Collection of Works of Art by 11

Chinese Artists Guangzhou,China

2000  “News today”  Hongkong,China
2002  The First Guangzhou Triennial  Guangzhou,China
2005  “Inward Gazes----Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art”  Macau,

2009  History in the Making Shanghai 1979-2009  Shanghai,China
2010  The 6th Lianzhou International Photography Festival Lianzhou,China

2012  Jeonju Photo Festival Jeonju,Korea

2012  The 8th Lianzhou International Photography Festival  Lianzhou,China

2013  13th China Pingyao International Photography Festival  Pingyao, China

2013  1st Beijing Photo Biennial Beijing,China

2013  5th Bi-City Biennial of Urbanism\Architecture  Shenzhen,China

2014  Marrakech Biennial 5  Marrakech,Morocco

2014  China Art in Brasil  Sao  Paulo, Brasil

2014  AVIFF in Cannes France Cannes ,France

2014  Contemporary Photography in China 2009-2014 Shanghai, China

2014  The 10th Lianzhou International Photography Festival   Lianzhou, China

2015  “The Transformations of a Thread” Contemporary Image Exhibition Xi'an, China

2015  The 56th Venice Biennial(Collateral Exhibition)Venice, Italy

Landscape Wall-01

Landscape Wall-02

Landscape Wall-03

Landscape Wall-04

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Landscape Wall-07

Landscape Wall-08

Landscape Wall-09

Landscape Wall-10

Landscape Wall-11

Landscape Wall-12

Landscape Wall-13

Landscape Wall-14

Landscape Wall-15

Landscape Wall-16

Landscape Wall-17

Landscape Wall-18

Landscape Wall-19

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Landscape Wall-24

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