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  Huang Qingjun

Huang Qingjun

Born in September 1971 in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province

January 1999, joined the Chinese Photographers’ Association

Photographic Exhibitions:

June 2001, Steam Locomotive Photo Exhibition in Beijing Dazhong Photo Gallery

August 2003, Steam Locomotive Photo Exhibition in theInternational Photograph Festival held in Pingyao, China

December 2006, Steam Locomotive Photo Exhibition in Nation Train Museum in Nuremberg in Germany

August 2007, Floating-The New Generation of Art in China organized by China Art Gallery

October 2007, Steam Locomotive Photo Exhibition in National Communication Museum in Dresden in Germany

December 2007, “Family Stuff” works exhibition in 798 Photo Gallery, Beijing, China.

2009 and 2010, “Family Stuff” works exhibition in PHOTO Exhibition, Paris

March 2012, “Family Stuff” works exhibition in AIPAD New York, USA.

November 2012, “Family Stuff” works exhibition in Lianzhou FOTO

September 2013,“Family Stuff” works exhibition in Photoquai Photography Biennial, Paris

September 2013, “Family Stuff” works 10 years anniversary exhibition in 798 Photo Gallery, Beijing China

September 2014, “Family Stuff” solo show in WM Gallery, Amsterdam.

Oct.3 2014, “Family Stuff” works exhibition in 4th edition SIPF Singapore International Photography Festival. Singapore.

April 26, 2015 “Online shopping Family Stuff” Chongqing Changjiang International Image Biennial

June 3 2015 “Family Stuff” Athens Photo Festival 2015, Benaki Museum, Athens


Works published and reported by many media including BBC, New York Times, Guardian Weekly, GEO, CCTV-2, CCTV-9, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Bloomberg News etc.

Family Stuff-01

Family Stuff-02

Family Stuff-03

Family Stuff-04

Family Stuff-05

Family Stuff-06

Family Stuff-07

Family Stuff-08

Family Stuff-09

Family Stuff-10

Family Stuff-11

Family Stuff-12

Family Stuff-13

Family Stuff-14

Family Stuff-15

Family Stuff-16

Family Stuff-17

Family Stuff-18

Family Stuff-19

Family Stuff-20

Family Stuff-21

Family Stuff-22

Family Stuff-23

Family Stuff-24

Pleasure ground-01

Pleasure ground-02

Pleasure ground-03

Pleasure ground-04

Pleasure ground-05

Pleasure ground-06

Pleasure ground-07

Pleasure ground-08

Pleasure ground-09

Pleasure ground-10

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