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  Ma Hongjie


Ma Hongjie

Born in 1963, Hui Nationality, Luoyang, Henan Province Born and Bred
Graduated in Photography Department, Wuhan University, 1994
1994-1997 Picture Reporter of Henan Economic Daily
1997-1999 Reporter of Henan Legal Daily, Henan Province
2001-2002 Reporter of Common People Daily, Henan Province
2003 Picture Reporter of Yu Daily, Henan Province
2004-Present Picture of Chinese National Geography
Main Works Include "The Story of Three-Color Glazed Pottery in Tang Dynasty", "Buying Wife in Western Region", "Wooden New Year Paintings of Zhuxian Town", "The People Collecting Liquor of Sumach", "Stone Pit" and "Barnstormer of Playing with Monkey",etc.

Award from 1994

1995: The Smile in front of Fortunate Well: the Second-class Award of Henan Good News
1999: Catch up with the Show: Bronze Prize of Culture Ministry, the Third-class Award of Chinese Photographer Society, Excellence Award of Asian-pacific Region of UNESCO
2000: Golden Award of Millennium Chinese Travel Competition of Hongkong,Three Excellence Award of Nikon Competition Sponsored by Popular Photography
2001: The Third-class of News Photos Competition Sponsored by People Photography, Attending the Workshop of International Picture Master in Pingyao
2002: Nominated to Yong Picture Master of Henan Province, Attending the Pingyao International Photography Festival and the  Workshop of International Senior Picture Editor in Pingyao
2003: Silver Prize of News Photos Competition Sponsored by People Photography
2003: Exhibition of Countryside of Central China with 12 Photographers in Pingyao International Photography Festival, 4 Photos Bought by one French Gallery, 6 Photos Collected by Guangdong Museum of Art
2004: Exploration in Headstream of Yangtze River with CCTV, 4 Photos Collected by Henan Museum
2005: Sole Exploration along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway
2006: Exploration in Kekexili with CAS
2007: Exploration for "Origin of Chinese Family Names" in Henan and Shaanxi Province







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