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  Wang Duo

Born in Taiyuan, Shanxi province

Postgraduate of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, digital media.

Prize situation:

Owner of the the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Exhibition 2011
"The Start of a Long Journey" Excellent session.

Display situation:
Participation in the"Art+ -Joint exhibition of 117 young artists", August 2012
Accepted by 1st Art exhibiton of university students, September 2012
Accepted by "Prospect- Unfolding Landscape" group exhibition in London, November 2012

Modern old (fashion) brand-01

Modern old (fashion) brand-02

Modern old (fashion) brand-03

Modern old (fashion) brand-04

Modern old (fashion) brand-05

Modern old (fashion) brand-06

Modern old (fashion) brand-07

Modern old (fashion) brand-08

Modern old (fashion) brand-09

Modern old (fashion) brand-10

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