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  Feng Hai

CV of Feng Hai
1995 graduated from the Central Academy of Art and Design, majoring fashion designing
1998-2000 graduated from the postgraduate class of photography co-sponsored by the Central Academy of Fine Art, Australian Griffith University, and Queensland College of Art, and acquired Master's Degree in visual art
2003 acquired the Award of Excellent Photography of the Modern Media Group
2003 awarded the Best Co-Photographer of "OFFICIEL"
2004 commentator of ELLE photography contest
2007 commentator of the HKIPP 2007 Asian Photography Annual Award
2007 solo exhibition at Beijing Today Art Museum
Published works on ELLE, VOGUE, BAZAAR, and Marie Claire
2010 awarded the Martell Artist of the Year


Searching for divinity-1

Searching for divinity-2

Searching for divinity-3

Searching for divinity-4

New garden fantasies-1

New garden fantasies-2

New garden fantasies-3

New garden fantasies-4

New garden fantasies-5

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