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  Chen Nong


1966              Born in Fuzhou of Fujian Province, China

1988-1996    Doing Sculpture work in Fuzhou, Fujian Province of China

1996-2000    Established photo studio in Fuzhou, Fujian Province

2000-2011    Established hutong café as a free photo studio in Beijing



2005    Pingyao Photo Festival, I Could Fly Photo Exhibition,Pingyao of China

2006    HERE Solo Exhibition, Yuantian Photo Gallery, Beijing

2006    Rome Photo Biennale, Italy

2006    Solo Photo Exhibition, 798 Art Center, Beijing

2007    Chen Nong Photo Exhibition,798 Photo Gallery, Beijing

2007    Chen Nong Photo Exhibition, Shanghai

2007    Pingyao Photo Festival, China

2007    Chen Nong Photo Exhibition, Shanghai

2007    Chinese Square, New York City

2007    Australian Perth Photo Festival, Perth, Australia

2007    China Contemporary Photo Exhibition, National Art Museum ofAustralia

2007    Chen Nong Photo Exhibition, XYZ Gallery of Beijing

2007    Guangzhou Photo Biennale, Guangzhou of China

2007    Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing of China

2008    HERE Chen Nong Photo Exhibition, XYZ Gallery Beijing

2008    Chen Nong Photo Exhibition, Shanghai

2008    Group Exhibition, Shanghai

2009    Melbourne Photo Festival, Australia

2009    China Contemporary Photo Exhibition, Budapest of Hungary

2009    MOMA Photo Exhibition, San Francisco, USA

2010    Pingyao International Photo Festival, Pingyao of China

            Chen Nong Solo Exhibition, OPHOTO Shanghai, China

2011   Chen Nong Mask Works for On Stage Exhibition, Basel Museum ofCultures, Switzerland

            Chen Nong Solo Exhibition, 798 Art Center, Beijing

2012    Chen Nong Solo Exhibition, Alex Daniels Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

2013    DAEGU Photo Biennale, KOREA; Contemporary art in Chengdu, China

2014    Dali Photo Festival, Yunnan Province of China

2015    Photo exhibition in Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing, China


Three Gorges Series, Hutong Series, Mask Series, Yuanmingyuan Series,

Climbing to Moon Series, Water Lily Series, Yellow River Series,Fly Series

and Dragon Bridge Series etc.


XYZ Gallery, Beijing

OPHOTO Gallery, Shanghai

Schneider Gallery, Chicago, USA

Marlborough Gallery, New York, USA

Alex Daniels Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

International Center for Photography (ICP), New York

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, MOMA

Santa Barbara Museum in CA, USA

National Art Museum of Australia

Art Museum of Harvard University, USA

Numerous private collectors from both home and overseas



The Silk Road 1-1

The Silk Road 1-2

The Silk Road 1-3

The Silk Road 1-4

The Silk Road 1-5

The Silk Road 1-6

The Silk Road 1-7

The Silk Road 1-8

The Silk Road 2-1

The Silk Road 2-2

The Silk Road 2-3

The Silk Road 2-4

The Silk Road 2-5

The Silk Road 2-6

The Silk Road 2-7

The Silk Road 2-8

16 Images of hermit 1

16 Images of hermit 2

16 Images of hermit 3

16 Images of hermit 4

16 Images of hermit 5

16 Images of hermit 6

16 Images of hermit 7

16 Images of hermit 8

Moon 2

Mask 6

Water Lily 2

Water Lily 3

Dragon Bridge 11

Dragon Bridge 12

Dragon Bridge 13

Dragon Bridge 14

Dragon Bridge 15

Dragon Bridge 16

Dragon Bridge 17

Dragon Bridge 18

Yellow River 001

Yellow River 002

Yellow River 003

Yellow River 004

Yellow River 005

Yellow River 006

Yellow River 007

Yellow River 008

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