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  Qiu Zhen

Qiu Zhen
Born on Nov. 2, 1976 in Xi'an, Shanxi Province, China
2006, graduated from Beijing Film Academy
2005, DV "Sun" and "Dream" took part in China Pingyao Photography Exhibition.
July 2006,Pieces was selected into China Qinghai Sanjiangyuan International Photography Festival
September 2006, Pieces was selected into the China Pingyao International Photography Festival
January 2007, Exhibition at 798 Photography Gallery, Beijing, China.
May 2007, "China International Gallery Exposition 2007", Beijing, China.
September 2007, "ART BeiJing 2007 ART Exhibitiod", Beijing, China
October 2007, "Necessity of the explanation", YongHe Art Museum, BeiJing ,China
February 2008,"Generation C: New Chinese Photomedia in an Age of Change", Australian Centre for Photography
April 2008, "Hello China",  Schneider Gallery, Chicago, America
May 2008, "Hetero-Imagery", 798 Photography Gallery, Beijing, China
June 2008, A Roland for an Oliver; Chinese Contemporary Photograph Exhibition (Gallery LUX, Seoul, Korea)
June 2008, Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX, Seoul, Korea)
August 2008, Changwon Asian Art Festival (Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea)
September 2008, Pieces was selected into the China Pingyao International Photography Festival
October 2008, "Supernatural-China's Contemporary Photography", ARTGATE GALLERY,New York
June 2009, "network selection 2009", Germany Siegen
July 2009, "21C New Silk Road",  Korean Culfural Service, China
Aug 2009, PHOTO KOREA 2009, COEX, Seoul, Korea
Jan 2010,YWCA charity fund raising exhibition, Head office of Industrial Bank of Korea,Seoul, Korea

Now live in Beijing, focus on the visual illusion creation 

My Bride and I-01

My Bride and I-02

My Bride and I-03

My Bride and I-04

My Bride and I-05

My Bride and I-06

My Bride and I-07

My Bride and I-08

My Bride and I-09

My Bride and I-10

My Bride and I-11

My Bride and I-12

My Bride and I-18

My Bride and I-19

My Bride and I-20

Satan's wedding-01

Satan's wedding-02

Satan's wedding-03

Satan's wedding-04

Satan's wedding-05

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