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  Wang Chuan

Born in Beijing
Director of the Photography Dept.School of Design, The Central Academy of Fine Arts
Master of Arts in Visual Art-Photography program between CAFA, China and QCA, Griffith University, Australia, graduated with MAVA degree
Book Design Dept.The Central Academy of Art and Design, graduated with BA degree

2008    Spring Training   Pekin Fine Art Gallery
2008    Siemens Home Appliances the 2nd Art Refrigerator Exhibition & Maternal and Infant
            Health, Beijing, China
2008    FOTOFEST2008 Biennial, Current Perspectives 1998-2008
2008    Retrospective Exhibition of New Beijing Gallery, New Beijing Gallery, Beijing, China
2007    LIPF  LianZhou, Guangdong
2007    Lost and Found   Soka International Art Center, Beijing
2007    Sightseeing  A9 Space, Beijing
2007    Dialogue Contemporary Art  Beijing 
           567 Glory and Dream Chinese Contemporary Art      China-Germany-Belgium
           Collective Identity  HK University Museum  HK, China
           View Window Contemporary Art From China St. Philips Chambers Burmingham, UK
           China Gardian 2007 Spring Auction China Contemporary Image and pre
           Zoom on China, Milano, Italy
           MY FAVOURITE MOLESKINE¡¡Beijing, China
           Collective Identity, Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK
2006    Post Fact, New Bei Jing Gallery, Bei Jing, China
           China Guardian 2006 Autumn Auction  China Contemporary Image
           Harvest II photo expo, Art Scene Warehouse, Shang Hai, China
           Signs D'Existence  Beijing China
2005    Chance Encounters  Brisbane, Australia
2004    These/There-Images from WangChuan & YaoLu, Beijing China
            Pingyao International Photography Festival "WADE¡ªPhotography Exhibition of Students and Lecturers in the Photography Dept.School of Design, CAFA" Pingyao, China
           "Encounters-Photography Art By Photography Lecturers And Guest Professors 
           of the Photography Dept.CAFA" Beijing-Shanghai-Nanjing, China
           Multi-medium Art Exhibition "Space and Transportation"(2) Graz, Austria
2000    PIEA  Global photography Competition and Annual Exhibition, Orlando, USA.
           "Revisited" Brisbane, Australia
1997    ulti-medium Art Exhibition "Space and Transportation"(1) Graz, Austria 

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