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  Huang Taopeng

Huang Taopeng, born in Shanghai in 1937, is a famous photographer and photography theorist. He is the senior journalist of People's Pictorial, member of the China Photographers Association and of the China Senior Photographers Association, and receives the special subsidy of the State Council. He graduated from the School of Film Photography Art of Beijing Film Academy in 1962, and at the same year was designated to work with People's Pictorial where in succession he was head of culture and education team, director of journalist department, director of interview and edition department, and assistant of the general editor. He was also the expert critic of the senior position selection of the China International Publication Group.

He was involved in long serials of The Yangtse River, The Grand Canal, The Great Northwest, Dunhuang Studies, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Martial Art, Craft and Art, etc, and interviews of significant issues such as the 31st World Pingpang Championship, The Central Rural Culture Work Team Going to the Countryside, Seizing Power in Shanghai in Culture Revolution, New China's Unearthed Antiques, Scientific Studies in Xisha Isles, Terrocotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty, the Old Summer Palace, Tombs of the King of Sulu and His Descendants, the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Prisons in Tibet, Environment Protection in Beijing, etc. He also held interviews in Japan, India, Thailand, the Soviet Union, US, Argentina, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Designated for several times by the State Council Information Office, he interviewed and took photos of state leaders at the Grand Hall of People, Zhongnanhai leadership compound, Diaoyutai, etc.

Since the 1970s, Huang published articles of photographs appreciation and critics and of figure photography on China Photography, Popular Photography, etc. He commented photos at the 3rd International Photography Exhibition and his words were included into photography textbooks. He was invited to be guest photography professor of the Graduate School of China Academy of Social Science, branches of the Peking University, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Party School of the Central Committee of China Communist Youth League, Beijing Photographers Association, armies, and departments of culture and publicity, to teach photography basic knowledge, Photography appreciation, beauty of form of photography and techniques, etc. He was invited for several times to be critic by ministries and local photography exhibition organizers.

Edited and published more than 20 albums and books of The Old Summer Palace, New China's Unearthed Antiques, Dunhuang, China's Human Rights, Macau, Civilized Beijing, and Unveiling Diplomatic Documents, etc. During his working period, he edited more than 200 reports at People's Pictorials, covering more than 500 pages; published more than 2000 photos and articles of about 100,000 words. Many of his photographs were published in US National Geographics, newspapers and magazines of both Hong Kong and mainland China. He was enrolled in China Photographers Dictionary in 1985.

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